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As a dedicated music teacher, I believe that:

Growth comes from

a good student-teacher relationship

There should be

an enjoyable aspect

to each lesson

Every student

learns differently

It's imperative to

"experience" music rather than just solely focusing on learning the notes.

My extensive experience, knowledge and education in music combined with your willingness to try,

we can make it happen together -

whether you're a preschooler-parent team with adventurous goals

or a retired senior finally enriching your soul with some beautiful piano tunes,

come on down and let's have a good chat about how we can infuse the joy of music into your life!

About Me

Nice to meet you! Here is a bit about me:

I have been teaching and providing music for over 10 years in Calgary and Edmonton.

I love the role of a music instructor because I get to enjoy the magical experience in which we create beautiful, harmonious music together through our teamwork.

With regards to music education, my biggest hope for my students is for them to learn to welcome music into their lives as something like a lifelong best friend.

I hope that music can beautifully enrich their lives when they find in music refuge, solace, joy, inspiration, motivation, hope, strength and peace.

I have obtained my Bachelor of Music degree from University of Alberta.

One of my top favourite musical genres is the glorious Baroque era and I love the period keyboard instruments such as the harpsichord.

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you.

Talk to you soon!


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