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We carefully design our tailored lessons for each student with the following principles in mind:


Every lesson is personalized according to each student's needs, such as past musical experience, age, schedule, learning styles, learning disabilities, etc.

We strongly believe in personalization of teaching materials because we understand and respect our students' individuality.

At Plum Tree Music, we work with each student one-on-one to discover the perfect ways that work for each of them to successfully and comfortably grow in musical knowledge.

Open Communication

The Student-Teacher relationship is something very special and essential when it comes to private education.

At Plum Tree Music, we believe that an honest, open communication is a key foundation to establishing that relationship.

The students, the parents of the students and the teacher are welcomed with open arms to share their opinions and inputs on any aspects of the musical education at any time.


We believe that health and well-being are vital aspects of achieving successful education, whether it be physical health, mental health or emotional health.

At Plum Tree Music, we try our absolute best to provide a healthy and nurturing environment to each student.

Please feel free to inquire more about some of our efforts and accommodations!

We currently offer the following private lessons:

Piano Lesson


Open Notebook


Composing Music

Royal Conservatory of Music Exam Preparation

The lesson fee plan ranges from $25 to $45 per lesson.

Take the advantage of the fee discounts* today!

Contact us today to see how you can start achieving your goals.

*Offered under certain conditions. Please contact us for more information.

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